A Guide to Driving on Expressways PDF  (5.26 MB)
A Guide to Public Transport for People with Disabilities
Be Bright. Do it right. Obey traffic lights! *Printable Version PDF  (611 KB)
Be Safe Be Bright, Turn on the Lights *Printable Version PDF  (464 KB)
Bus-Friendly Traffic Measure PDF  (947 KB)
Cycling Safety PDF  (3.75 MB)
Dangerous Driving
Driving along Tsing Sha Highway
Driving in the Tsing Ma Control Area
Drug Driving - Never Risk It *Printable Version PDF  (446 KB)
Electronic Audible Traffic Signals *Printable Version PDF  (102 KB)
Fact Sheet on Highways
Fact Sheet on Railway Network
Fact Sheet on Transport
Guidelines for Mounting and Placing of Skips *Printable Version PDF  (276 KB)
Guidelines on handling of traffic installations during road works# (English version only) PDF  (6.99 MB)
Health Advice for Passengers Using Public Transport on the Prevention of Severe Respiratory Disease associated with a Novel Infectious Agent PDF  (26 KB)
Hong Kong Strategic Route and Exit Number system
Hong Kong Taxi Service Guidelines (English version and Traditional Chinese version only) PDF  (7.42 MB)
Hong Kong Taxi Service Standard PDF  (2.04 MB)
Hong Kong Transport 40 Years *Printable Version PDF  (3.29 MB)
Hong Kong Transport 50 Years
How the Driving Offence Points System Affects You
Information Note for Application for Addition or Alteration of Vehicular Run-in/out for Existing Buildings PDF  (120 KB)
Journey Time Indication System PDF  (1.6 MB)
Know Your Airbags *Printable Version PDF  (377 KB)
Mandatory Attendance of Driving Improvement Course *Printable Version PDF  (683 KB)
Name List of Group 1 Private Car & Light Goods Vehicle Driving Instructors
Name List of Group 2 & Group 3 Driving Instructors
Notes to Drivers under “Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles” PDF  (247 KB)
PLB Service Standard *Printable Version PDF  (2.23 MB)
Probationary Driving Licence for Motorists
Probationary Driving Licence Scheme for Novice Drivers of Motor Cycles, Motor Tricycles, Private Cars and Light Goods Vehicles PDF  (8.01 MB)
Protect Your Unborn Child in a Car *Printable Version PDF  (372 KB)
Renewal of Full Driving Licence *Printable Version PDF  (2.1 MB)
Risks involved in LGVs being used to carry passengers for reward *Printable Version PDF  (1.13 MB)
Safe Speed Safe Drive
Safe Vehicle Reversing *Printable Version PDF  (2.82 MB)
Safety Tips for Cyclists *Printable Version PDF  (1.14 MB)
Safety Tips for Using Vehicles with Cranes PDF  (1.04 MB)
School Transport Safety Rules PDF  (1.69 MB)
Seat Belt
Some Vital Points to Think about before You Drink & Drive
The new Road Users' Code took effect PDF  (2.74 MB)
Tips for improving the use of Vehicle Mounted Tail Lift *Printable Version PDF  (1.95 MB)
Tips for Taxi Drivers (Traditional Chinese version only)
Tips on Good Maintenance of Vehicle PDF  (892 KB)
Trial of auxiliary devices to enhance pedestrians' safety at road crossings PDF  (924 KB)
Trial Scheme of Enhanced Facilities at Zebra Crossings PDF  (1.57 MB)
Tunnel Safety Guidelines (English version and Traditional Chinese version only) PDF  (895 KB)
Tyres and Your Safety *Printable Version PDF  (409 KB)
Your car is not a phone booth...

  • *Only Chinese version is available. Readers may obtain information in English through TD's enquiry hotline.
  • #Only English version is available. Readers may obtain information in Chinese through TD's enquiry hotline.