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1. Introduction
  1.1 General (PDF 155 KB) *Printable Version
  1.2 Legislation (PDF 183 KB) *Printable Version
2. The Control of Parking on Private Roads
  2.1 General (PDF 279 KB) *Printable Version
  2.2 Signing and Marking Arrangements (PDF 3.3 MB) *Printable Version
3. Road Humps
  3.1 General (PDF 296 KB) *Printable Version
  3.2 Use and Location of Road Humps (PDF 833 KB) *Printable Version
4. Traffic Signing and Road Marking on Private Roads
  4.1 General (PDF 1.5 MB) *Printable Version
  4.2 Traffic Signs and Road Markings, Location and Size (PDF 1.2 MB) *Printable Version
  4.3 Traffic Signs and Road Markings Design Details (PDF 232 KB) *Printable Version
  4.4 Use of Permitted Regulatory Signs (PDF 2.9 MB) *Printable Version
  4.5 Use of Warning and Informatory Signs and Supplementary Plates (PDF 2.3 MB) *Printable Version
  4.6 Use of Regulatory Road Markings (PDF 2.3 MB) *Printable Version
  4.7 Use of Informatory Road Markings (PDF 3.0 MB) *Printable Version
  4.8 Directional and Informatory Signs (PDF 4.5 MB) *Printable Version
  4.9 Barriers (PDF 268 KB) *
5. Traffic Signs and Road Marking Requiring the Commissioner's Authorisation
  5.1 Speed Limits (PDF 590 KB) *Printable Version
  5.2 Regulatory Traffic Signs and Road Markings (PDF 550 KB) *Printable Version
  5.3 Traffic Signals (PDF 151 KB) *Printable Version