Non-Franchised Public Bus

The role of NFBs is to supplement the mass carriers. The supplementary role of NFBs include:

(a) relieving heavy demand on the franchised bus and green minibus services primarily during the peak hours; and
(b) filling gaps of passenger demand which cannot be met viably by the regular public transport services.

Based on the above criteria, NFBs are to provide tailor-made service to specific groups of passengers. As at 30 September 2019, there were 7,186 registered non-franchised public buses in the territory.

In 2018, the overall utilisation rate of NFBs is about 83.7%.

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No. of Registered Non-franchised Public Bus PDF (51 KB)
For PSL holders For passengers
Policy on NFB services

Brief description of NFB services


Non-Franchised Private Bus

As at 30 September 2019, there are 734 registered private buses. No. of private buses with different service endorsements is appended below:
Service endorsement No. of private buses
B01 - Student Service 116
B02 – Employees’ Service 224
B03 – Disabled Persons’ Service 341
B04 – Others Service 291
Note : As non-franchised bus can be granted with more than one service endorsement, the total number of service endorsement does not equal to the total number of non-franchised bus.


Brief description of NFPB services (B01 – B04)

B01 Student Service
B02 Employees' Service
B03 Disabled Persons' Service
B04 Others Service

Application for Passenger Service Licence (PSL) for NFB services - Private Bus Service

Applicant for operating a private bus service should fill in the form "Application for A Passenger Service Licence - Private Bus Service" (TD246B) or "Application for Passenger Service Licence Certificate(s) - Private Bus Service" (TD247B)(for existing Passenger Service Licence holder). The applicant should submit the completed application form together with supporting documents as specified in the "Notes for Attention" of the application forms.

Conditions for the Operation of Private Bus Service PDF (8KB)