Electronic Services  Requirement of Proof of Address

Requirement Relating to Signature and Chop on Vehicle Registration Document


Inclusion of encrypted QR code on Driving Licence

Starting from 22 March 2021, the Transport Department (TD) will print a system encrypted QR code on newly issued driving licence. The above measure facilitates the implementation of e-Ticketing Pilot Scheme by the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF). Please refer to the press release issued by the HKPF on 11 March 2021 (https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202103/11/P2021031100433.htm?fontSize=2) for details. For enquiry about the QR code on driving licence, please contact Licensing Office of the TD at 2804 2564.

How to Apply for Driving Licences

To apply for driving licences, you must, first of all, complete the relevant application forms which can be obtained on the Internet. Download forms

The application forms are also available at the enquiry counter of any of the Licensing Offices of Transport Department, the Home Affairs Department Public Enquiry Service Centres, Post Offices and through the 24-hour Enquiry Hotline (852) 2804 2600 to obtain a fax copy.

After you have completed the application form, forward it, together with relevant supporting documents and the appropriate fee, either in person or by post as appropriate, to the licensing offices concerned.

For overseas driving licence holders who wish to drive in Hong Kong, please check details here.

General Information


What You Should Note (Details)

Online Application

You can now access the following licensing services through GovHK (web site www.gov.hk):


Postal Application

Some applications associated with vehicle and driver licensing can be submitted by post. Please refer to the link below if you wish to submit your application by post:

How to Apply for Vehicle and Driver Licensing Documents by Post

Appointment Booking Service

You may choose to make an online appointment booking for an application for full driving licence, probationary driving licence, learner's driving licence, driving instructor's licence, driving test (private car, light goods vehicle, motor cycle and motor tricycle), direct issue of full Hong Kong driving licence, temporary driving licence or international driving permit. You may call the 24-hour Interactive Voice Response System of the Appointment Booking Service at 3763 8080 or logging on the GovHK to make an appointment free of charge. Having an appointment, you or your agent can apply for related applications at the designated counter of the selected Licensing Office with the completed application form and required documents during the appointed timeslot.

Online appointment booking for Full Driving Licence, Probationary Driving Licence, Learner's Driving Licence, Driving Instructor's Licence, or Driving Test (Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Motor Tricycle)

Online appointment booking for Direct Issue of Full Hong Kong Driving Licence or Issue/Extension of Temporary Driving Licence

Online appointment booking for International Driving Permit Application