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Section 4Road Tunnels and Control Areas

Road Tunnels and Control Areas

There are 21 road tunnels in Hong Kong. They play an important role in the passenger and goods flow.

The Government owns 18 of these tunnels, namely the Lion Rock Tunnel, the Aberdeen Tunnel, the Kai Tak Tunnel, the Shing Mun Tunnels, the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel, the Cheung Tsing Tunnel, the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, the Eastern Harbour Crossing, the Tate's Cairn Tunnel, the Eagle's Nest Tunnel, the Sha Tin Heights Tunnel, the Tai Wai Tunnel, the Nam Wan Tunnel, the Airport Tunnel, the Scenic Hill Tunnel, Central-Wan Chai Bypass Tunnel, Lung Shan Tunnel and Cheung Shan Tunnel. These 18 government tunnels are managed and operated by private companies under management contracts awarded by the Transport Department.

Two other tunnels, namely the Western Harbour Crossing and the Tai Lam Tunnel, were built by private sector under "build, operate and transfer" franchises and are operated by private companies.

The Discovery Bay Tunnel was built and is operated by a private company.

The Tsing Ma Control Area is a strategic link between the Hong Kong International Airport and the rest of Hong Kong. Major infrastructures of this control area include the Lantau Link (i.e. Tsing Ma Bridge and Kap Shui Mun Bridge), Ting Kau Bridge and the Cheung Tsing Tunnel. The Tsing Sha Control Area is a strategic link between Sha Tin, West Kowloon and Tsing Yi. The Tai Wai Tunnel, the Sha Tin Heights Tunnel, the Eagle's Nest Tunnel, the Stonecutters Bridge and the Nam Wan Tunnel are the major infrastructures of this control area.

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