Transport Advisory Committee

The role of the Transport Advisory Committee is to advise the Chief Executive in Council on broad issues of transport policy with a view to improving the movement of both people and freight. The Committee comprises a chairman and 17 members including three Government officials. The Committee supervises the operation of the Transport Complaints Unit, which is responsible for receiving and handling complaints and suggestions from the public on transport and traffic matters.

The Committee holds regular meetings to discuss issues concerning major transport policies and road traffic legislation. Some of the major issues considered by the Committee in 2004 include Hong Kong 2030 : Planning Vision and Strategy, review of regulation of non-franchised bus operation, proposed voluntary registration scheme for the vehicle maintenance trade, measures to curb taxi touting activities, reconstruction and improvement of Tuen Mun Road, proposed measures to enhance the safety of school transport vehicles, performance of franchised bus companies, pedestrian plan for Causeway Bay, proposed introduction of the Probationary Driving License Scheme to private cars and light goods vehicles, application for toll increase by Tate’s Cairn Tunnel Company Limited, measures to enhance road safety, Kai Tak Planning Review, Ma On Shan Rail fares, etc.

Transport-related complaints or suggestions can be sent to the Transport Complaints Unit either by phone at 2889 9999, by fax at 2577 1858 or by e-mail at On-line complaint and suggestion forms are available at the homepage of the Transport Complaints Unit at

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