Section 3Registration and Licensing of Vehicles and Drivers

Registration and Licensing of Vehicles and Drivers

This Section provides statistics on the number of vehicles registered and licensed, drivers, learner drivers as well as driving tests in Hong Kong.

As at the end of 2019, the number of registered motorised and non-motorised vehicles was 893,747, representing an increase of about 1.50% compared to that of 2018 and a growth of 31.22% over the past 10 years since 2010. The number of licensed motorised and non-motorised vehicles reached 806,797 by the end of 2019, representing an increase of 1.16% in comparison to 2018.

Regarding driving licences, there were about 2,326,000 full driving licence holders, representing a growth of 1.57% and 33.91% compared to the numbers in 2018 and 2009 respectively.

In view of the increasing demand for licensing services, a number of measures have been introduced by the Transport Department to enable the public to apply for licensing services more conveniently through various channels. The use of these channels are also promoted. Currently, apart from using the counter services at the licensing offices in person, members of the public can also obtain most of the licensing services by post, using the drop-in boxes at the licensing offices or designated post offices in various districts, or through an agent. Besides, applications for the renewal of vehicle and driving licences, certificate of particulars of motor vehicle, applications for personalised vehicle registration mark and traditional vehicle registration mark for allocation through auction, notification of address change, and booking for driving test, etc. can be made online through GovHK.

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