Section 5Public Transport

Rehabus Services

Rehabus Services provided by The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Services and fares (as at 31 December 2019)

ServicesNumber of
routes operated
Scheduled Route109$184-$264 per month
  • 4 passengers or less*: $24 per hour, plus $1.2 per km
    (*Users who have been arranged shared-use service can enjoy a 30% discount on the Standard Fare)
  • 5-12 passengers: $38 per hour, plus $1.9 per km
  • 13 passengers or above: $58 per hour, plus $2.9 per km
  • Minimum charge is for one hour plus a service charge of $5 for each booking and parking fee and tunnel fee (if applicable).
  • Cancellation surcharge (per vehicle): $29-$200
Pooled Dial-A-Ride40$160 per month

Vehicles (as at 31 December 2019)

Vehicle Type/ModelPassenger CapacityNumber
Toyota BZB50 (LPG)1448
Toyota XZB59-ZEMQY-5232
Mitsubishi BE63DJRMDA231
Toyota XZB591721
Mitsubishi BE641JRMDA1737
Mitsubishi BE641JRMDA2132
Toyota Coaster Diesel SLWB1723
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