Section 3Registration and Licensing of Vehicles and Drivers

Private Car Inspection Return – Year of 2019 (Designated Car Testing Centres)

Name of CompanyInspection ConductedPassed in 1st Inspection%Failed in 1st Inspection%Did not attendRechecksRefusedDangerous Vehicle
AUTO FORCE MOTOR SERVICES - Fanling18,41417,44697%5093%0459128
ANKOR MOTORS LTD. - Tuen Mun16,66615,81397%4373%0416171
ACTION MOTOR LIMITED - Tuen Mun22,39720,28995%1,0705%01,0380114
IPMC BEST SOLUTION LIMITED - Kwai Chung10,0899,22195%4485%0420235
CHINA INSPECTION CO. LTD. - Yuen Long8,4807,55694%4966%0428021
CROWN MOTORS LTD. - Kwun Tong3,7333,28193%2367%021605
CROWN MOTORS LTD. - North Point5,6775,05294%3276%029803
CROWN MOTORS LTD. - Tsuen Wan3,9423,54294%2106%019011
CROWN MOTORS LTD. - Yuen Long2,2342,01594%1206%09902
CARS RESTORATION (HONG KONG) LIMITED - Kwun Tong8,6427,97496%3644%030403
DAH CHONG HONG (MOTOR SERVICE CENTRE) LTD. - Ap Lei Chau14,31713,46897%4393%0410022
DAH CHONG HONG (MOTOR SERVICE CENTRE) LTD. - Kowloon Bay6,6725,77593%4657%043204
DAH CHONG HONG (MOTOR SERVICE CENTRE) LTD. - Quarry Bay13,42411,49692%9768%0952115
DAH CHONG HONG (MOTOR SERVICE CENTRE) LTD. - Yuen Long10,1759,27495%4725%042905
ELITE MOTORS - Fanling3,5423,36397%943%08518
FASTWHEEL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE LIMITED - Sheung Shui8,4297,42393%5197%0487026
GERMAN MOTOR TECHNOLOGY SERVICE CENTRE - Kowloon Bay13,92012,84696%5694%0505186
GWM SERVICES LIMITED - Fo Tan14,23413,18996%5424%0503129
INCHCAPE MOTOR SERVICES LTD. - Kwai Chung5,6485,37497%1423%013201
INCHCAPE MOTOR SERVICES LTD. - Shatin2,7282,40393%1797%014605
INCHCAPE MOTOR SERVICES LTD. - Yau Tong2,4702,07091%2129%018807
JEBSEN MOTORS LTD. - Hung Hom45930077%8923%07000
KBIA MOTOR SERVICES CENTRE LIMITED - Kowloon Bay18,30216,97996%6794%0644045
KAM LUNG MOTOR GROUP LIMITED - Tsuen Wan9,0838,39696%3554%0332017
KINGS MOTOR SERVICE CENTRE - Yuen Long12,30111,38696%4814%0434356
M.D. MOTORS - Aberdeen1,14684283%16917%013503
MMS MOTOR TESTING CENTRE LIMITED - Tsuen Wan17,22315,70995%7885%0726013
MOTORMECH SERVICE STATION LTD. - Cheung Sha Wan4,0813,74795%1845%015012
OCEAN EXPRESS MOTOR WORKS FTY. - Fanling5,1594,67795%2525%0230029
POWER MOTO - Tsuen Wan11,9069,33587%1,35113%01,220082
SIME DARBY MOTOR SERVICE LTD. - Tokwawan10,2809,50496%4144%0362052
SIMPLE MOTORS LIMITED - Fo Tan17,91316,14695%9045%086307
SSANGYONG (HONG KONG) LIMITED - Tokwawan7,5916,85895%3855%0348032
UNIVERSAL CARS LTD. - Chai Wan13,41012,34596%5594%0506032
UNIVERSAL CARS LTD. - Shatin7,1656,71096%2444%021106
VANG IEK MOTORS (HONG KONG) LIMITED - Kwai Chung6,2445,41093%4217%041301
WALLACE HARPER & CO. LTD. - Kwun Tong12111396%54%0300
WALLACE HARPER & CO. LTD. - Yuen Long12,82211,93496%4734%0415134
YAU WING MOTORS CO. - Kwai Chung3,1372,79994%1756%016306
ZUNG FU GARAGES LTD. - Chai Wan66259394%366%03303
ZUNG FU GARAGES LTD. - Hung Hom1,7691,44189%17611%015213
Remarks:(1) % included the 1st inspection only;
(2) % rounded to the nearest integer.
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