Section 9Directory of Hong Kong Transport

Subsection 1Public Transport Operators

Hire Cars

A168 Limited

Tel5616 8342

ACE Hire Car Service Limited

Tel2572 7663

Airport Limousine Services Limited

Tel2116 3133

Amy Express Shanghai & Beijing Airport Chauffeured Service Limited

Tel6736 6120

Ankor Limousine Limited

Tel2711 3898

Best Limousine Services Limited

Tel9303 0888

Birds Of Glory Limited

Tel9619 8801

Chan Bun-wai

Tel8200 1813

Chan Kwok-chiu

Tel9036 8820
2363 0990

Chan Yiu-tim

Tel9453 2286

Inded Chan Yuk-wah

Tel5646 4453

Cheng Chi-kuen

Tel6699 9984

Cheung Ying-fat

Tel2886 2891

Chung Kee Transportation Limited

Tel2703 9989

City Cruiser Limousine Service Limited

Tel2618 8907
6976 6173

Comfy Travel Limited

Tel2111 1788

Connexus Travel Limited

Tel2116 3133

Cupido Group Limited

Tel9030 5125

Dah Chong Hong (Motor Leasing) Limited

Tel2262 1888

Easy Call Service Company Limited

Tel9869 8208

EC Group International Limited

Tel9321 9116 Limited

Tel2881 6302
9018 2812

Event First Aid Service Limited

Tel9881 6312
9494 7907

Excel Limo Limited

Tel2836 3133

Fan Wan-gai

Tel6758 3063

Far East Rent-a-Car Limited

Tel2890 6988

Frandak Limousine Limited

Tel2371 2881

Fung Hing Car Service Company Limited

Tel3693 9088
6299 8839

Gain Rich Limited

Tel2738 9530

Global Limousine Company Limited

Tel5588 8055

Gold Label RS Company Limited

Tel2517 7727

Hi Lee (Hong Kong) Transportation Company Limited

Tel2357 5383

Hong Kong Limousine Services Limited

Tel9303 0888

Intercontinental Hire Cars Limited

Tel3193 9333

Jackson Coach Hire Service Limited

Tel6799 7050

Jetgo Travel and Limousine Limited

Tel3175 5079

Joinmax Limousine Services Limited

Tel2780 7822
6012 3263

Karry International Investment Company Limited

Tel9102 6881

King’s Limousine Company Limited

Tel2711 5982

Kissing Rehabilitation Service Limited

Tel9040 3288

Lam Lut-yue

Tel5132 6878
9207 7501

Lancia Limited

Tel9355 1595

Lead Time Limousine Service Company Limited

Tel2388 1681

Lee Sze-pui

Tel6936 0834

Luxury Gateway Service Limited

Tel6160 0170
6221 5504

Miramar Hotel & Investment Company Limited

Tel3960 0396

Donald Mok Po-kuen

Tel9039 9219

New Century Travel Service Limited

Tel6392 7800

Oscars Limousine Limited

Tel8191 2189

Parklane Limousine Service Limited

Tel2377 0733
2730 0662
3193 9333

R & R Rental Limited

Tel9143 8000

Roadrunner Limited

Tel2525 5599
6626 6817
9493 7830

Royal Classic Wedding Limited

Tel6829 6618

Royal Service Limited

Tel5430 9159

S.T. Travel Service Company Limited

Tel2670 6023

Sing Hing Tours Company Limited

Tel2350 2283

Star Wealth Asia Limited

Tel9261 6851

Sunny Tour (China Hong Kong) Limited

Tel2303 1179
9036 8820

Svest International Limited

Tel6313 3088

T&F Transportation Company Limited

Tel9466 8809

Tai Fung Coach Company Limited

Tel2578 1178

TBR Hong Kong Limited

Tel3952 8500

Tesla Signatures Limited

Tel2579 9882

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Tel8106 6616

The Motor Transport Company of Guangdong & Hong Kong Limited

Tel2334 5680

Tim Yiu Limousine Service Limited

Tel3706 8522
6802 2165

Henry Tin Cheuk-ling

Tel5173 3338

Top Apex Limited

Tel6318 6000

Top Limousine Services Limited

Tel9303 0888

Toplink Services Limited

Tel2880 0616

Trade Travel (Hong Kong) Limited

Tel2578 1178

Trans-Island Limousine Service Limited

Tel3193 9333

Trip Link Limited

Tel2126 7616

Tristar Worldwide Asia Limited

Tel3753 7700

Tung Lee Development Group Limited

Tel2391 4888
2380 0111

Vigor Limousines Services Limited

Tel2262 3232

Volkswagen Group Hong Kong Limited

Tel3456 8168

Wai Lai Transport Services Limited

Tel9483 5374

Wan Chun Tours (Hong Kong) Limited

Tel6055 5396

Wing Hing Hire Car Company Limited

Tel2893 4376

Wise Travel & Limousine Service Company Limited

Tel2572 0333

Wong Sing-chi

Tel3489 7676

Yeung Tin-cheung

Tel9041 2625

Yue Tung Vehicle Rental (Hong Kong) Limited

Tel2620 0288

Note: Information above is contributed by individual holders of Private Service (Limousine) Hire Car Permit and they have given consent for Transport Department to post their contact information on the Department’s website. All the information provided is for reference only.

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