Section 5Public Transport

Hong Kong Tramways Limited

Routes operated

Shau Kei Wan to Happy ValleyNorth Point to Whitty StreetHappy Valley to Kennedy TownShau Kei Wan to Western MarketShau Kei Wan to Kennedy TownCauseway Bay to Whitty StreetWestern Market to Kennedy Town

Single journey fares (as at 31 December 2019)

Passenger aged 65 years or above$1.2
Passenger under 12 (other than passenger under 3 and accompanied by a person aged 12 or above)$1.3
Passenger under 3 (accompanied by a person aged 12 or above)Free

Vehicle kilometres operated and passengers carried

Vehicle kilometres
Passenger carried82,78378,96074,05372,28266,25164,85464,75862,80660,12354,529-9.30
Track gauge: 1,067 mmElectrification: 500V d.c. overhead trolley wire

Rolling stock (as at 31 December 2019)

Type (1)Passenger Capacity (2)Number
(a) Double-deck enclosed tram, 1987 series115159
(b) Double-deck enclosed tram, 1949 style1151
(c) Double-deck open balcony tram321
(d) Double-deck semi-open-top tram322
(e) Double-deck maintenance tramnon-applicable3
(f) Double-deck open balcony tram, 1920 style361
(g) Double-deck air-conditioning enclosed tram1151
Notes:(1)All trams were assembled by Hong Kong Tramways Limited except cars No. 28 (type c) and No. 128 (type d) which were originally built by Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Ltd. in 1954/55 and rebuilt by Hong Kong Tramways Limited for charter and party tram duties in 1986/87. In addition, car No. 18 (type d) was also rebuilt as premium party tram in 2018. Cars in group (a) comprise Nos. 1-17, 19-27, 29-43, 45-87, 89-119, 121-127, 129-143, 145-163, 165 and 166. They were built from 1987 to 1991 with underframes by W.J. Brown Engineering Ltd. and bodies by Full Arts Metal Works Ltd. (109 cars) and Leeway Engineering and Trading Co. Ltd. (51 cars). Leeway also supplied the body for car No. 120 (type b) which was built new in 1991 to the design of the previous generation of trams dating from 1949. It is a "heritage" tram, but is used in normal traffic. Car No. 88 (type g) is an air-conditioning tram which was first launched and trial-run in 2016, and is currently used in normal traffic. The maintenance trams (No. 200, 300 & 400) were built by Hong Kong Tramways Limited in 1998.

Original or locally manufactured trucks and electro-mechanical equipment are used in all trams. Trucks were built variously by Peckham, Maley and Taunton, Hong Kong Tramways Limited and Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Ltd. Motors were manufactured by Dick Kerr, Metropolitan Vickers and English Electric.

In 2001, all trams (except two antique party trams, one antique sightseeing tram, one premium party tram and one heritage tram) had rotary controllers replaced by electronic speed controllers or DC chopper control system incorporating Deadman’s (automatic brake) handles and were completely rewired with LSF cabling and fitted with traction grade convertors. A total of 64 conventional trams have been converted (including one air-conditioning tram) into metal body trams to serve passengers. Octopus payment has also been introduced at all passenger trams.

 (2)Passenger capacities are nominal. Capacities for car types (a), (b) and (g) are listed as 115 in the gazetted schedules. Capacities quoted for car types (c), (d) and (f) are for reference only.
 Hong Kong Tramways Limited is wholly owned by RATP Dev Transdev Asia since April 2010. The tramway began operations in 1904 under the authority of the Tramway Ordinance, Cap. 107.
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